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Allies take on governing administration over loadshedding

Islamabad:With reviews of 16 pakistan muslim league quaid(Pml queen)Ministers quitting impact all civilian federal cabinet on monday, the presidency and pm house were on a red alert and immediately contacted chaudhry shujaat Pandora Bracelets Canada hussain and deputy pm chaudhry pervaiz elahi to defuse the situation.

In sources, during a meeting of the pml q ministers at the state guesthouse in lahore, to which chaudhry shujaat usually summoned adviser to pm on petroleum and natural resources dr asim hussain, the pml q ministers opened a pandora's box of complaints your senior coalition partner, the pakistan an individual's party(Ppp).

It was for the first time that all pml q ministers openly expressed their reservations over the policies of government entities and even pressurised their leadership to review the coalition with the ppp.Sources said the pml q ministers were unsatisfied with the lack of development works in their Cheap Pandora Bracelets constituencies despite their party being a major coalition partner, non cooperation of federal gov departments and loadshedding, that wasthat's bringingthem into disrepute in their constituencies.They opined that the ppp ministers did not accept the pml q as their coalition partner with an open heart and they didn't cooperate with them.

Sources said one of the pml q ministers opined that they were more at ease while in the opposition. "We always lend our support to the ppp but its ministers never interact personally with us, citations quoted the pml q minister as saying.

Sources said the pml q minister noticed that their party members in sindh were getting rs80 million for development projects while shahbaz sharif approved rs180 million development schemes of his party legislators in the punjab.Nevertheless pml q legislators, references said, were not receiving even a single penny for development projects in the punjab. "Verbal commitments of providing development packages for our constituencies the past one year are being made but enough is enough, generators said, quoting pml q ministers filing a complaint to their leadership.

Sources said the pml q ministers asked their leadership to convey to the ppp leadership that holiday seasons coalition was not acceptable to them.Sources said chaudhry shujaat and chaudhry pervaiz elahi cooled down the sentiments of their party ministers and assured them that they would convey their booking to president asif ali zardari soon.

On-Line adds:A private tv channel reported that at least 16 pml q ministers had placed their resignations to chaudhry shujaat in protest against loadshedding.It said the ministers stated in their resignations that it was not achievable to face the masses because of the loadshedding.They submitted their resignations to the party president during the meeting at the state guesthouse meeting in lahore.The report said the ministers who handed over their resignations include anwar cheema and akram gill.

Mumtaz alvi improves:The costa rica government had to face embarrassment on monday when anp senators staged a walkout from the senate over the massive power outages and absence of ministers while a senior mqm legislator questioned the logic of making raja pervaiz ashraf the country's prime minister when, as minister for water and electricity needs, he had failed to resolve the electric power crisis.

An mqm legislator accused the federal government of extorting 'bhatha' from the public in the name of fuel adjustment charges, having no political will http://www.milagrofilms.ca/ to address such basic issues as electric source shortage and law and order. "We are talking of winning elections your four provinces, but i say if we cannot end loadshedding, people will not allow us to even play the polls, he explained.

There have been calls for early elections from the opposition lawmakers, who alleged that a set up that could not resolve the difficulties of power outages, poverty and law and order in four and a half years was unlikely to perform miracles over the following few months.

Pml n legislator syed zafar ali shah asked the rulers to instantly announce elections and said whatever shred of credibility the government had was in tatters after its own three coalition partners expressed no confidence in it. "One of the ppp's allies is beyond your house, the other is crying on to the floor of the house while the third is also unhappy, he said.

Minister for water and power chaudhry ahmad mukhtar also was the target of severe attack, certainly from the treasury benches, for his non access for the proceedings.Senators also agitated over the lack of the concerned ministry's officials despite related items listed on the day's agenda.Anp's haji muhammad adeel asked the minister to resign if he was struggles to do his job.

As the house resumed process 30 minutes behind schedule after a break of two days, some treasury and opposition senators had disagreeing views on holding the session in the month of ramazan.Some objected to holding the evening sessions, asking for proceedings each day.

Anp's senator muhammad zahid khan, on some extent of order, drew the attention of the house towards 18 19 hour long loadshedding in khyber pakhtunkhwa and elsewhere and flayed the Ministers for steering clear of the senate. "Should we attend the period for ta/da?We are meant to discuss people's problems here and seek their solution and if they(Ministers)Don't come here then there is no reason in being part of the proceedings, he retorted and then led his party senators out of our home.

On mqm parliamentary party leader syed tahir hussain mashhadi's talk to, senate chairman syed nayyar hussain bokhari allowed discussion on the specific situation arising out of loadshedding.

In his sentimental speech, the mqm senator fully justified the public agitation through the power outages and praised them for their restraint, keeping in mind how once a 30 minute loadshedding in new york had trigged a wave of crimes, such as arson and ransacking of shopping centres.He questioned the rulers' claim of having no funds to solve the issue of circular debt, saying they had shown no sign of austerity in their lifestyle and knew two easy 'tricks' of earning money from:Printing new notes and relying on monthly Pandora Rings hike in power tariff.

The senator asked the government to instantly release all those who were detained for agitation over power outages. "The agitators must be freed and government entities must apologise to them for causing them trouble and its failure to ensure smooth power supply, he asserted that.

Senator mashhadi wondered who gives them funds for circular debt retirement in view of rs8 billion daily corruption, as announced by the national burden bureau chairman.Leader of the opposition senator muhammad ishaq dar of the pml n said the issue of power outages was a serious one but the federal government was not serious in resolving it.Senators muhammad hamza and mir hasil khan bizenjo said holding of fresh election was the only method to pull the country out of the present morass.

Bizenjo said the rulers should concede that pakistan was facing now of survival, as its main corporations, which connected folks of the four provinces, much like pia, pakistan railways to wapda, were collapsing and there was first no sign of any improvement.Your will now resume business today(The following friday)Together with 10:30am.

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